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When it comes to growing your organisation or setting your direction, always start with strategy!

A clear strategy acts as a blueprint for your organisation: creating a competitive advantage and providing a framework by which to make crucial decisions.

At BlueFish Strategic Planning, we work with Boards, Executive Teams and Marketing teams to develop and implement Strategic Plans that deliver sustainable, profitable growth and set your team up for success.

“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”

John F. Kennedy

We work collaboratively with your team, developing a tailored approach and guiding you through every stage of the process:


We’ll conduct a discovery session to better understand your targeted outcomes, identify key challenges and opportunities and define your purpose.


From a meeting with your core team to a series of larger workshops, effective planning sessions do so much more than clarify your vision. Effective planning sessions build engagement, tap into combined expertise and address any business, market, competitor or customer challenges.


We provide a ‘plan on a page’ to keep your strategic plan top of mind and clearly articulate areas of focus. We work with you on the optimal business structure, consider budget & resourcing, comms to effectively build stakeholder & business-wide engagement, and KPIs to reinforce priorities, measure & reward success.

“95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy”

Harvard Business School

Why choose BlueFish Strategic Planning?

In-demand strategic planner Sarah Ford MAICD understands the transformative power of a clear, compelling and engaging strategy.

Sarah works with a team of highly skilled facilitators, strategists and communications experts hand-picked to help elevate your business. With decades of experience running successful strategic planning workshops, wargames, vision workshops and ideation sessions, BlueFish Strategy makes strategic planning easy, creating a pathway to success.


Sarah was integral in pulling our strategy together and bringing it to life in a clear and compelling way for key stakeholders. The complexities of government policy made the strategic planning process quite challenging. With a suite of tools and templates, Sarah and BlueFish strategy really simplified the process and helped generate support.

Senior Manager

Every business, no matter what type or size it is, needs a customised strategy. Finding someone to do that can be extremely challenging. Sarah developed and put in place a strategy that helped “THRIVE” connect with clients who otherwise wouldn’t have known we existed. She took the time to understand what we did, how we did it and what our budget could accommodate, and then delivered and implemented plans that gave immediate results. We now have a clear understanding of how to reach our clients and which techniques work best for us.

Irene Leithhead, Wellness Manager and Senior Physiotherapist, Thrive

The ‘plan on a page’ overview that BlueFish Strategy created was highly successful in conveying our key challenges, strategic priorities and plans in an effective and visually appealing way

Senior ManagerBlueFish Marketing