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Leveraging Marketing to Grow Sales – and Drive Profitability

By February 21, 2024No Comments

So often businesses turn to marketing when they want to create an advertising campaign, freshen up their brand or launch a new product. While marketing should certainly be the go-to in bringing your brand or business to life, it’s also a powerful – and often underused – lever to use with great effect right throughout the P&L.

With a strategic mindset, and the skillset and practical tools to drive topline and bottom line growth, having a strong marketer on your team will deliver tangible, sustainable results for your business.

How can Marketing add value? With a strong grasp of industry trends, consumer insights and market knowledge, marketing is well placed to not only provide a customer and consumer lens to your plans, but to identify emerging opportunities and roadblocks. In any organisation it’s crucial to have an eye to potential disruptions, new breaks and external threats… from ESG opportunities to new product delivery methods, AI, changes to consumer behaviour and cross category opportunities, Marketers can help shape the direction of the business, identify potential M&As and ensure the organisation continues to evolve and meet changing needs.

Successful marketers have developed a skillset which is synonymous with great business management. From a career spent selling-in marketing plans, we’re great collaborators, working right across the business, to develop a pipeline of innovation, managing product costs and supply chain complexities, adapting to new technology, and of course managing large budgets and implementing plans to deliver business growth. This skillset enables Marketers to engage with key stakeholders, excite customers and reach new consumers. Strong marketers work to identify the biggest market opportunities, most profitable customers and ideal retail partners. We consider how to best reach and connect with your target audience, grow your customer base and build engagement and loyalty. From generating new revenue streams via e-commerce to building new partnerships and target audience opportunities, Marketers excel at finding ways to solve business problems and position the business for long term success.

What about the bottom line? Maximising profit has always been a key consideration for marketers. From delivering ROI on marketing expenditure, reducing cost of goods sold via innovation, cost improvement projects or changes to sourcing, to finding new uses for excess materials or slow moving products, strong marketers work to reduce costs and improve your profit both in margin % and in absolute dollars. With a keen understanding of the role of pricing and promotional strategies, these levers can be used effectively to generate profitable revenue, create efficiencies and improve margins.

We’re highly experienced in working with the sales team to generate customer support, meeting with suppliers as well as managing agencies and negotiating contracts with a view to optimising ROI with benefits that flow through the P&L and can help drive economies of scale.

If you’ve been using marketing as an implementation team then you’re already behind the game. By engaging a strategic marketing professional and integrating marketing throughout your organisation, you’ll be better positioned to grow your topline sales revenue, and your profitability! It’s win-win for you and the business. For marketing tips and inspiration follow us on LinkedIn here or get in touch today to find out how we can help grow your business.